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Paola is a circus ballerina. Every night of the week she puts on her pink suit and slippers with ribbons, applies her false eyelashes and blushes her cheeks. She hits the track on the back of Bébert, her stage companion. He's a very nice camel, he has a diamond encrusted saddle and together they trot and dance to the sound of an old Luis Mariano song.

No packaging needed? Select the "zero waste" option and this doll will join you in its simplest form. In addition to a discount of 6$, depending on where you have it delivered the shipping costs could be lower.



- Giving a rag doll is not an unusual gesture. It is to give the child a companion, a mini reflection of themselves, who will accompany them everywhere, sometimes for a long time. A doll is a transitional object that can take a very important place in the life of some little humans! In addition, this one is a little offbeat... Just like you? Anyway, just like me. 

- The little ones love her, grownups can't hide it — she's at every party, listens to all your secrets and even laughs at unfunny jokes, here is the modern rag doll (she's the star at raplapla's). A soft doll, with bewitching colours and captivating textures.

- She leaves no one indifferent.

- Her eyes are not glued on. A pin and a rivet to the backing fix them securely.

- By properly styling this doll, you will be able to make a baby laugh out loud. (the instructions are here).

- Even if her long hair meets Health Canada guidelines for baby toys, you may not like it when your child puts it in their mouths. That's up to you.

- We know people from 0.1 to 87 years old who own dolls (your 3 year old niece is not necessarily too old to have hers. It all depends on her tastes.).

- If you try to put your doll in the dryer, there is a good chance her hair will look like either a sponge scraper or an old fantex slipper. We don't recommend it...

- No, her eyes aren't glued on.

- This doll is suitable for babies (and adults).


Machine wash cold, or hand wash.

A little trick to wash your doll: slip her into a sock before placing her in the washing machine. That way, she won't know what'll happen to her. And it'll protect her eyes and hair during this moment of torture.

To minimize her suffering, use a biodegradable detergent.

Air dry. (Have mercy! No dryer!)


32 cm. Cotton and polyester, padded with polyester fibers.

Plastic eyes fixed with a rivet (meets the requirements of CE regulations as well as Health Canada's directives for toys intended for children under 36 months of age).

This doll is packaged in a pretty house-box designed by Mimi Traillette (printed in Quebec), and comes with her own personal health record.

Fabrics and colours may vary slightly. In any case, the character's spirit has been preserved!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Un ami en peluche

Super poupée de chiffon. Belle qualité. Superbe choix de matière.
Ma fille l'adore!

Sabine Thaler
Lovely Paola as a perfect match to us

Dear Raplapa, we already added Basile, Tim and Lison to our family. As we moved from Toronto to Germany we felt that Basile is so lonely as Lison and Tim coupled up. But now we have lovely Paola and everyone is happy.
My two daughters take care of this 4 gunny guys and as they say they behave very well.
May, after Paola settled, we need another great companion from raplapla.
Thanks a lot ans stay healthy,

We love this!
Happy Paola got safely to Germany.

Stéphane Giguère
Du gros bonheur en chiffon

Pour une première expérience avec vous, en ligne et au téléphone pour vérifier 2-3 trucs, j'ai été tellement bien servi que je pense me commander le prochain monsieur Henri juste pour moi. La petite fille qui a reçu Paola n'a que 7 semaines mais je sais qu'elle aura beaucoup de bonheur à la trimbaler partout avec elle :)