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An owl to heat, made of a very soft fabric with large sewn eyes, and a belly stuffed with organic rye and Quebec lavender. To calm the stomach aches of little ones, or simply to hoot of pleasure before falling asleep, heat up the owl (a great bonus; it smells good).



- The benefits of the night owl are multiple.

WARM: It soothes newborns' colics (and it works for the stomach aches of adults too, or for the breasts full of milk of new mothers).

It relaxes muscles, following a long bike ride or a crazy snail chase.

It facilitates the repair of damaged tissues, ouch, as it happens we had a bicycle accident during our morning walk.

It alleviates mild pain, the discomfort of teething, aches or small bruises, and headaches.

It promotes tissue elasticity, ideal for pregnant women and dads who eat a lot!

COLD: It calms a big bump, like the bruise that appeared after the failed triple somersault, blindfolded, on the parents' bed.

It soothes a painful joint, still dealing with the aftermath of that deadly somersault...

It relieves inflammations and scratches, such as the war wound that appeared when his little sister transformed (without her knowledge) into a wild dragon.

It reduces muscle spasms, after that hard fall off the stool, looking for biscuits in the upper kitchen cupboard.

It reduces pain, aches, etc. The same as when you heat it!

- Your night owl is not a toy!

Common sense and adult vigilance are required, always ensure that your night owl is not too hot before giving it to a child.

- Super useful hot during infant colic, keep it in the freezer once baby has grown up. When you're learning to walk, you bump into everything, so a little frozen owl coming to the rescue is magical.

- We explain how to heat it in the microwave or in a conventional oven (yes yes). And also how to cool it in the freezer.

- Um. Don't try to heat it in a toaster oven. IT'S DANGEROUS. Thank you.

- Do not heat it several times in a row. It must cool completely between uses, otherwise it may burn, EVEN if you follow the indicated heating time.

- Our organic rye is grown in Quebec, just like the lavender which is provided to us by the friendly owners of La Maison Lavande.

- Besides, lavender smells REALLY good.


Wash the envelope in the machine in cold water, or by hand.

Hang to dry. (Please! No dryer!)

If you wet the bag of grains, within a few days you will be able to cultivate your own field of rye (organic at that).


25 cm. Cotton pouch filled with 450g of organic rye and Quebec grown lavender.

This hot water bottle comes packaged in a cute star box (with it's instructions).

Fabrics and colours may vary slightly.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Jean Pierre.M Peyrede
    Trop beau

    Voici un hibouillotte qui a fait de l’effet. Vraiment trop beau… il a vite rejoint le lit de la petite pour un gros câlin. Encore merci

    Louise Trudel Hart

    Mon petit fils n’a pas encore recu colis 📦 a austin tx

    Dominique Reynaud-Paligot


    Jennifer S
    J’ai dû en acheter une pour chaque enfant...

    Ces hibouillottes sont tellement populaires chez nous, les enfants les prennent pour dormir tous les soirs. Maintenant chacun en a une :-)

    michele rodier
    La meilleure des bouillottes❤️

    Rien n’a dire à part que c’est la plus douce, la plus chaude et la plus odorante des bouillottes !!!!