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Inspired by our beloved Mr. Tsé-Tsé, this little hot water bottle will warm your baby's bed before a nap, the car seat before leaving in winter or even your feet if you are as cautious as me.

This hot water bottle and its super soft cover are to be used under the supervision of an adult hey it's hot!ud !)

- Long live the hot water bottles. The benefits are manifold.

First of all, a hot water bottle heats up. Very silly, very simple, but so perfect when you think about it..

A hot water bottle facilitates relaxation, reduces mild pain such as stiffness, stomach aches or the discomfort of teething and of course: it warms cold feet..

A green solution and rudimentary technology that relieves almost everything, sometimes even broken hearts.

- This hot water bottle is not a toy. It should always be handled by an adult. The Monsieur Tsé-Tsé cover is super soft and can be washed in the washing machine..

Common sense and the vigilance of an adult are required, always make sure that the hot water bottle is not too hot before giving it to a child.t.

- Our premium quality water bottles are made by the German company Sänger. With a capacity of 0.8 liters, they are a perfect size for children and although I am an adult, apparently I love this size too. Made from a single piece of rubber and well sealed with an anti-leak cap, they are durable and safe.itaires.

- Sänger manufactures all of its hot water bottles in Sri Lanka, where the company sources natural rubber. We plan to take a trip there to visit the factory when we have sold enough Joseph to pay for the plane tickets.on.

- For safe and optimal use of the hot water bottle, fill it with very hot but not boiling water. Detailed instructions supplied with the hot water bottle.e).

Hot water bottle: empty after use and hang to let dry, upside down, before closing and storing.

Cover: machine wash in cold water, or by hand..
Hang to dry. Pity! No dryer!!)

30 X 20 cm. Natural rubber hot water bottle, 0.8 liter. Organic cotton cover made in Montreal. Festive applique.

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