— By Professor Lili

Well, without surprise, without effort (and always without wearing panties) it is Mr. Tsé-Tsé who takes all the honors: he is always the most adopted of the babies.

Just behind comes Gilles the koala , who is himself closely followed by Émile the octopus . Louise the rabbit is in 4th position, closely followed by the carrot of course.

Let us now take a closer look at what is happening in the Tsé-Tsé courtyard. Unsurprisingly, the classic wins. Chic, timeless, timeless: babies have taste and they tell us so.

But let's not underestimate his miniature alter ego, baby Mr. Tsé-Tsé who also captures many hearts.

It is then a bitter fight between the embroidered ones and the red hearts , far in front of the giant Taie-Taie (who is the latest addition to the Tsé-Tsé family, let us remember, a bright future probably awaits him!).

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