How to wash a toy without a bath?

For special, very old toys or plastic and fabric dolls, sometimes only surface washing is possible. In general, it is written on the label if your toy is recent enough.

How tosurface wash your toy?

1 - Fill your bowl with lukewarm water and dilute the soap as directed.

2 - Place your toy on the towel.

3 - Wet your washcloth with the soap and water mixture.

4 - Begin to gently rub the toy. First choose a less showy section to test the result. The idea is to clean without soaking the toy with water, so be careful of the amount of water on your washcloth.

5 - If everything is fine, continue section by section rubbing the toy until it is all clean and damp.

6 - Wipe your toy dry with the towel and put it in a dry place to dry. Turn it every now and then so it dries all over.

How to wash your toy on the surface without water?

1 - Find a plastic bag big enough for your toy and slip it inside.

2 - Add baking soda.

3 - Shake the bag so that the toy is covered.

4 - Take it out and set it up in a corner to let the baking soda do its job.

5 - Pass the vacuum rigorously over your toy to remove all traces of powder.

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