A question that comes up often: how to wash your stuffed animal? There are several ways to wash a fabric toy. The answer lies in the materials used, its strength and its age.

If your toy is under 20 and in fairly good shape, it can probably take a ride in the washing machine.

deux raplapla qui se baignent

The exceptions are:

  • toys with a mechanism (music, light or movement)
  • toys stuffed with anything other than polyester (check the label)
  • toys made of wool, or fur
  • plastic dolls with fabric body
  • toys with a more decorative purpose (may have glued or fragile parts)
bain peluche machine

How to wash your toy in the washing machine?

1 - Slip your friend into a pillowcase and then tie the top, if you have a big enough laundry bag that's just as good.

2- Use the gentle cycle, with cold water and a mild soap. Balance your load by adding things of the same color, and soft (no buttons or zippers), a towel or small blanket is ideal.

3 - Once the cycle is complete, take your toy out of its bag, replace its limbs and massage it so that its stuffing returns to its place. You can use a nail brush to brush the fur gently.

4 - Set it up to dry in a dry corner. Turn it over once in a while to allow it to dry evenly.

CAUTION: Never put your toy in the dryer. It can cause irreversible damage. The fur and padding may be the first to be affected by the heat. Both can melt and become less soft or even hard. In the longer term, the dryer will ruin all fabrics and reduce the life expectancy of your toy. If you're really running out of time or your toy is so big that it takes too long to dry, you can put it in the dryer with cold air only. Start by putting it on for a short time and check to see if it reacts well to the experience.

What detergent should I use to machine wash my toy?

A mild, biodegradable laundry soap is recommended. Our favorite is the brand Unscented, it is fragrance free and can also be purchased in bulk.

These valuable tips are provided by the surgeon from the Hospital for fabric companions. .

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